Quantcast Let's take an example of a training objective.

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given skill, a properly structured and complete training objective is both
the training and the test.
a. A
(1) Task to be performed.
(2) Conditions of performance.
(3) Standard of acceptable performance.
b. A complete training objective answers three questions:
(1) What skill do you want the student to acquire?
(2) Under what conditions do you want the student to demonstrate this
(3) How well do you expect the student to perform the standard?
Let's  take  an  example  of  a  training  objective.
A  commander  is
concerned with the ability of his NCOs to navigate cross-country using a map
and compass.  A common practice has been to write an objective as follows:
"To ensure that the NCO is proficient in the use of map and
compass in cross-country navigation."
a. A performance objective should read as follows:
Each NCO will navigate cross-country.
On foot, in daylight, for 5000 meters, over woody and
hilly terrain, given a Lensatic compass and a 1:50,000
map which shows both the starting and finishing point.
NCO must arrive within 250 meters of the objective in
3 hours or less.
b. Notice that a performance objective consists of specific terms that
tell exactly what is to be done under specific conditions and to a specific
standard.  To learn how to write good training objectives, refer to FM 25-2,
Unit Training Management or FM 25-3, Training in Units.
The following
tables, however, summarize the requirements of good training objectives.


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