Quantcast AN/PRC-119 components, controls and connectors.

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o LD V - LOAD VARIABLE, used to load the Transmission Security Key (TSK -
TRANSEC) NOT needed for SC operation.
o ZA - ZEROIZE ALL, erases all data in the RT memory.
o STW - STOW, turns the RT OFF, used to shut down for long periods of time,
zeroizes memory, and conserves battery life.
NOTE: A square around a switch position indicates you must pull on the switch to set
it to that position. This is to prevent the operator from accidentally changing
the switch to that position and losing communications or fill data.
(b) RF - RADIO FREQUENCY switch allows you to select the power out of the RT.
Use only as much as you need.
o LO - LOW power, used for communicating up to 300 meters.
o M - MEDIUM power, used for communicating up to 4 kilometers (km).
o HI - HIGH power, used for communicating up to 8 km.
o PA - POWER AMPLIFIER, available only with long range vehicular radio sets.
Allows for communications up to 35 km.
(c) CHAN - CHANNEL switch, used to select the channel (frequency) you wish to
operate on.
o MAN - MANUAL channel, used to store a frequency in SC operations.
o 1 - 6 Storage positions for frequencies, used to select the operating frequency.
o CUE - May be used to store a frequency in SC operations.
(d) MODE - MODE switch is used to select the mode of operation the RT is to operate
o SC - SINGLE CHANNEL, used when the RT is being used in SC operations.
o FH - FREQUENCY HOPPING, NOT used during SC operation.
o FH/M - FREQUENCY HOPPING/MASTER, NOT used during SC operation.


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