Quantcast Communication Systems Reference and Training Manuals

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Cinematography, Radio Jamming and Deception, Tactical Telephone Systems, Plan Signal Support Requirments, Radio Wave Propagation, Communications Security, Microwave Communications, Photography, Video Tape Recorder VTRS, Television Lighting, SINCGARS NON-ICOM

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Army Communication Systems

SS0531-Realistic Drawing

SS0535-Filming Uncontrolled Action

SS0536-Documentation Cinematography

SS0572-Printing Color Negatives

SS0573-Photography in Climatic Extremes

SS0574-Photographic Documentation - Administration and Preparation

SS0601-Basic Circuits of Television Studio Equipment cameras & Audio

SS0602-Application of TV Test Equipment

SS0606-Analyzing Color Video and Video Test Signals

ss0652b-Operating Through Radio Jamming and Deception

ss0653-Select Team Radio Site

Ss0656-Supervise StationNet Duties and Inspect StationNet Operations

ss0710a-Install, Operate, and Perform Oraganizational Maintenance on Radio Sets ANGRC-193, Part I

SS0711A-Install and Perform Unit-Level Maintenance of ANGRC-193A Radio Set IHFR, Part II

ss0713-ElectricalElectronic Safety

ss0016a-Multichannel Radio Systems

ss0018a-Install and Operate 3, 5 and 10Kw, Gas 5, 10, and 15Kw, Diesel Generator Sets

SS0029-Plan Tactical Telephone Systems

SS0031-PlanDesignLayout of Satellite Communications Systems

ss00423-Frequency Management

ss0117a-Describe the Synchronization of Battlefield Operating Systems SC 25c

ss0118a-Determine The Signal Support Requirements of Battlefield Operating Systems

ss0119-Integration of information Mission Area at the Operational Level of War

SS0120-Employ Communications Systems of a Maneuver BrigadeBattalionBattalion Task Force

SS0121A-Plan, Design, And Layout Tri-Service Tactical Communications and Mobile Subscriber Equipment

ss0122a-Plan Signal Support Requirements for Fire Support

Ss0123a-Plan Signal Support Requirements For Air Defense Systems

SS0124A-Plan Signal Support Requirements For Combat Service Support Systems

ss0125a-Plan Signal Support Requirements for IntelligenceElectronic Warfare Systems

ss0130a-Principles of Radio Wave Propagation

Ss0133-Combat Net Radio Planning and Deploymet

ss0134a-Offensive Electronic Warfare

ss0135a-Defensive Electronic Warfare

ss0136a-JointCombined Electronic Warfare Operations

Ss0137a-Communications Security

ss03285-Introduction to Technical Control Part I

ss03295-Introduction to Technical Control Part II

SS033-Telephone System Characteristics

SS0330-Introduction to Telephone and Telegraph Transmission

SS03325-Introduction to Circuit Conditioning

SS03340-Telephone Circuit Conditioning

SS03444-Microwave Techniques

SS03456-Fundamentals of Microwave Communications

SS04319-Outside Plant Contruction Plans and Vehicles

ss04377-Testing Wire Lines and Locating Faults

ss0438a-InstallationTroubleshooting Telephone Substation

ss0439a-Set Poles, Install Anchors and Guys

SS0440-Installation, Maintenance, Recovery, and Service of Telephone Cable WD-1 TT or WF-16U

ss0441a-Tactical Telephones

ss0442a-Install, Operate, ad Perform Unit Level Maintenance on Reel Unit RL-31 G

ss0444a-Cable Construction

SS0507-Principles of Photography

ss05076-Principles of Photographhy

SS0508-Photographic Filters and Techniques

SS0509-Laboratory Procedures

Ss05098-Laboratory Procedures

SS0510-Introduction to Portrait Photography

SS0511-Copy Photography I

SS0512-Copy Photography II

SS0513-Photographic Quality Control

SS0514-Introduction to Basic Color Photography

ss05155-Organizational Maintenance of Laboratory Equipment

SS0516-Introduction to Special Photographic Assignments

SS05175-Tactical Documentation Photography

SS05198-Scriptwriting for Educational Visual Information Programs

Ss05205-Operation of Automatic Film Processors

SS0522-Operation and Maintenance of Photographic Equipment

ss05220-Operation and Maintenance of Photographic Equipment

SS0523-Operation of Automatic Print Processors

ss05235-Operation of Automatic Print Processors

ss05245-Audio Production Principles

SS0525-Lettering Techniques

ss0525a-Lettering Techniques

SS0526-Draw Objects in Perspective

Ss05265-Draw Objects in Perspective

SS0529-Prepare Overlays

SS0530-Designing and Preparing Presentation Materials

ss0530a-Designing and Preparing Presentation Materials

Ss05466-Fundamentals of Video Tape Recorder VTRS

ss05476-Field, Television Production

ss05486-Operation of Electronic News Gathering SystemElectronic Field Production Components

Ss05497-Basic Television Lighting Techniques

SS05508-Filming Controlled Action

ss05518-Video Tape Editing and Character Generator

ss06005-Troubleshoot Television Studio Equipment

ss06026-Application of TV Test Equipment Developmental Date; September 1986

ss06036-Television and Audio Systems

Ss06047-Maintenance Fundamentals of 34-Inch Video Cassette Recorders

Ss06057-Logic Circuits and Devices

ss06078-The Principles of Television Studio Timing Systems

Ss0716b-Install, Operate, and Perform Organizational Maintenace on Radio Sets ANPRC-104 and ANGRC-213

ss07177-US Army Field Artillery School Install and PErform Unit-Level Maintenance on ANPRC-104A and ANGRC-213

SS0721A-Evaluate the Operation of Intercommunications Set ANVIC-1V

ss0728a-Sytem Troubleshoot the Intercommunication Set ANVIC-1V with Medium Power FM Radio and COMSEC Equipment

SS07328-Radio Set ANGRC-103V

ss0754a-Operate SINCGARS NON-ICOM Single Channel

ss0755a-Operate SINGCARS Non-ICOM Frequency-Hopping




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